Brain Boosting Tea : Can You Beat Brain Fog With Herbal Teas?

Tea isn’t a drink but a phenomenon. Tea has been soaring in popularity because of its various functions. Different teas can have different effects. Ginger tea can wake you up, green tea can thin you down, lavender tea can put you to sleep and turmeric tea can perk up your brain.

Tea can be broadly used for any infusion of herbs, fruits or flowers however true tea is tea from the camellia sinesis plant. Tea is a powerhouse of many antioxidants, polyphenols, catechins, which could be beneficial for brain & cognitive health.

A research team studied the tea drinking habits of around 900 healthy senior chinese adults between the year 2003 – 2005 and tested their cognitive function once every 2 years until the year 2010. They found that regular tea (green and black) drinkers (who consumed 1 to 3 cups of tea per day) had the most benefits when it came to brain function. The results however did not apply on herbal or fruit teas.

Why Is Tea Good For You?

Tea contains amino acids (amino acids help to build protein) and caffeine. This combination helps in relaxing your mind and this is the reason tea has been the choice of beverage for monks when they need concentration before settling into long meditations.

Consuming tea is known to reduce mental fatigue and increase both long-term and short-term memory. Tea has been known to increase alertness and curb cognitive impairment when taken in regular doses and over a period of time. So, people who have bouts of forgetfulness or suffer from short-term loss can consume tea instead of going for expensive drugs. Some preliminary evidence also suggests that drinking tea can decrease the risk of dementia.

One specific compound called Theogallin found in tea is known to be cognitive-enhancing and anti-depressive. It also improves attention. This potent ingredient has been known to facilitate the production of brain cells and can help to increase brain capacity.

Findings from a new study published in the journal of nutrition, health and aging, proves that regular tea consumption may decrease the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease in people by 86%.

What All Benefits Can You Have From Various Kinds Of Teas?

Rosemary Tea as quoted by the literary giant Shakespere is good for memory. This tea is a natural remedy for forgetfulness, anxiety and stress.

Ginger Tea may increase the reaction time and working memory.

Green, White, Purple Teas are good for mental focus. A few of the naturally-occurring compounds in these result in a chemical reaction within the body and lead to the stimulation of the brain.

Final Verdict

Opt for a few cups of tea if you wish to pump up your mood, increase alertness and memory. It can be better choice than the old cup of joe.

If, over the course of your life, you want to avoid dementia and brain decline then drink tea regularly and you can also choose a best brain boosting pill called Cogni Focus. It is a trending brain booster supplement which helps to keep your brain healthy and active.

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